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Classroom Set-up

Computer Set-up

Computer Set-up  
What is needed
      1. Videoconferencing system (a computer with a web cam at a minimum) with a high speed connection
      2. 4 additional computers online
      3. Internet connection.
      4. LCD Projector or a large screen for the VC
      5. Printer (optional)
      6. Digital camera (optional)
      7. Extra Computers online for Research (optional)
      8. Large Screen or Projector for the Data Window (optional)

    • All four, and possibly two or more computers are linked to the Internet. The Media Team, Research Team and Satellite Team are optional but will need computers if used.
    • The Communications Team use the videoconferencing system as well as one computer that requires the Microsoft Internet Explorer (v5.0 or higher). The videoconferencing system can be a dedicated videoconference unit such as Polycom, Tandberg or Life-Size or even a computer equipped with a webcam, a microphone, speakers, and videoconferencing software such as Polycom PVX, Polycom Telepresence or similar - (These may require your IT department to open up certain firewall ports). It is also possible to download a free VC conference client such as JVCS dektop client, or we can send you a link for Vidyo. Please contact us to discuss what is suitable.
    • The videoconferencing system also permits Mission Control to see the students during the mid-mission and end-of-mission briefings.
      The Volcano, Hurricane, Satellite and Evacuation Teams (Computers #2, #3, and #4) require up-to-date versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Safari.
    • A projector or a large screen located in the front of the room permits the students to see the Mission Commander and watch several videos during the mission. It is also helpful for the students to see the "chat" window on a big screen.
    • A digital camera for the Media team is great for recording the excitement of the mission. The media team can use another computer to prepare a newsletter/PowerPoint presentation or even a video clip, depending on resources available

    Note: A computer lab may be too crowded. Typically labs are arranged in permanent rows or computers are arranged against the walls. This is not ideal for team communications or the required flow of foot traffic.

    Communications Team (2 students at the front of the room)

    • Videoconference System. (Either standalone unit or computer based)
    • 1 computer online (for the DATA window)
    • Large Screen or LCD projector

    If you have a stand alone Videoconferencing system we can connect using I.P. or ISDN lines. If you have a computer-based Videoconference system, you will have to install a software programme. Please contact us to discuss what is suitable.

    Hurricane, Volcano and the optional Satellite, Media and Research Team Locations

    All the above teams have between 3 and 5 students. Some teams should be located between the Communications Team at the front and the Evacuation Team. The technology requirements for these teams are the following:

    • 3-5 Computers (one per team)
    • Optional Printer
    • Internet link
    • Internet browser software (IE6.0 or higher - compatability mode)*
    • Any publishing or audio/video software for the Media Team

    The Evacuation Team should have, ideally, one or two computers for research and be situated in the centre or rear of the room (assuming the VC is at the front).

    The computer with the Communication team will be used for the DATA Window. In Internet Explorer you will need to type the following URL: http://vc.spacecentre.co.uk/omdata and then fill in the Team Name (your choice) and Password (provided by the Commander at the beginning of your mission.)

    *If you are using I.E. 8 or above please use compatibility mode or else you will not get the correct format for the Volcano and Hurricane feedback on the left hand side of the screen. (you will only get 3 boxes instead of 7 to fill in)

    Test Connection

    Please can you arrange a test connection as soon as possible after booking your mission to ensure the connection works and, if necessary, we will go through the mission with the teacher(s) involved to explain exactly what will happen on the day and the preparation, (printing of resources etc.) that will be needed beforehand.

    You must use the same system to test as you will be using on the day.

    Please visit Test Connections for more information.

    Technical Questions

    Please contact the Education Team via the About Us page.