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Mission: Ice Moon

Teacher Training Events  

Teacher training sessions are essential if you are planning an e-Mission in your school.

Open Invitation Events

The below events are open to all educators. Due to limited availability please enquire about reserving a space at any of the events by contacting the local organiser.




Phone or email

Please contact us as we are now able to do teacher training via video link - usually at a time to suit you   Bookings Team



If you would like to host an event at your school then please contact us.   Bookings Team




Training Day

An e-Mission teacher training session can last as little as 3 hours either a morning or an afternoon to suit. In the modern teaching environment time can be very valuable but we recommend giving as much time as possible over to the training to feel confident and ready to prepare your class for their mission. (We can also now offer teacher training over the videoconferencing system. This allows you have the training at a time to suit your staff - can even be after school.)

Teacher Training aims to:

Included in a Training session:

Provide the skills and knowledge needed to prepare students for the e-mission

Student focused Pre-mission Training

Give confidence and motivation towards using ICT in lessons

A Teachers' Handbook

Encourage links between different subject areas in the curriculum

A full-length e-mission

The best way to learn is by doing and we will expect teachers to become fully immersed in their mission roles as part of the Emergency Response Team on the day. Participants will be provided with a Teachers' Handbook a print out of every document needed to prepare their class. You can access all the files in the pack on the Team Materials Page.

Hosting a Teacher Training

Many Schools, City Learning Centres, Specialist Colleges and Companies have hosted e-mission teacher training days. Currently the training is free of charge providing that a minimum of 10 different schools/organisations confirm that participants are expected to attend or a minimum of 10 e-missions are purchased in advance. The e-Missions are aimed at a Year 9 level of ability so Secondary Level Teachers are the prefered audience. If you would like to invite a large proportion of Primary Level Teachers please discuss this with the Education Team before booking.

If less than 10 teachers attend, then the National Space Centre will charge the normal fee plus expenses for the event. A minimum of 7 participants is needed to form an Emergency Response Team for the mission.

Technical requirements for hosting a session are the same as a student mission and can be found on the Computer Setup page.

If you are interested in hosting a day at a centre near you please contact our Education Team at the National Space Centre to discuss the details. Contact details are available via the About Us page.