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Mission: Ice Moon

Confirm a Booking  

To confirm your e-Mission booking please return the form at the back of your confirmation letter or download the confirmation form from this page.

Please provide as much information as you can but don't worry if you cannot answer all the sections. If you have any questions about confirming your mission you can call the Bookings Team on 0116 2582111 or email e-mission@spacecentre.co.uk

You can download the confirmation form here:  
  e-Mission confirmation (PDF)  
  e-Mission confirmation (MS Word)  

You can return the form by these methods:
  Fax: 0116 2582100
  email: e-mission@spacecentre.co.uk

The Bookings Team,

  The National Space Centre,
  Exploration Drive,
LE4 5NS.