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Students' Satellite Simulation  

The Students' Satellite Simulation is an interactive, physical, sometimes outdoor, simulation designed to create an image of the network of satellites currently in orbit around the planet.

Students become the Earth, Low Earth Orbiting Satellites and Geostationary Satellites in a scaled down simulation. The simulation they create can be small enough to fit into a school hall or large enough to involve the whole class on the school field. An excel file is provided to allow you to scale the simulation to your environment and the number of students involved.

Please download and read the Teachers' Instructions and try the simulation with your class. If you take pictures or video the event then please feel free to submit any suitable media to the Feedback archives. Your example may be used on this page in the future.

This is a pilot version of the Students' Satellite Simulation and is untested at the moment. Please email e-mission@spacecentre.co.uk with any comments or suggestions for improvements.