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The Media Team  

A great addition to any Emergency Response Team is the Media Team. So far Media Teams across the country have produced Newsletters, Videos, Web sites, Pod casts, Plays, Power Point Presentations, Songs, Re-enactments, Wall Displays, and pretty much anything that an innovative teacher and a team of excited students could think of.

The material that can be produced is often decided by the technology available but if you do not have access to even a digital camera then do not dismiss the Media Team. Teams armed with nothing more than a reporters notebook and a press badge have written some wonderful stories about the drama of their mission.

If you are well equipped then don't hold back. The Making the News web site allows schools to easily and quickly publish any content online and is highly recommended.

Below are a few examples of content produced by the Media Team. For more examples visit the Mission Media Archive in the Feedback section. Please feel free to submit your own Mission Media to inspire other educators and Media Teams to produce their own.


Making the News Stories by The Lakes School, Cumbria. Students wrote about their mission as it happened releasing up to the minute reports and pod casts online. Making the News is a free online publishing system. Students can write and publish text, images, audio pod casts or video online using the web site. Use is free to most schools and is ideal for the Media Team in an e-Mission. Making the News is a great use of ICT in the classroom.

The Lakes School Making the News site

Making the News homepage



Video by Hall Green School, Birmingham. Students made a video documentary during their e-Mission at Kings Norton High City Learning Centre. The file is only available in Quicktime format. You will need Quicktime or iTunes to play it.

Hall Green e-Mission (10.1MB) Left click to play, or right click and choose 'Save Target As..' to save.



Newsletters by Kings Norton Girls School, Birmingham. Students can write a newsletter using a Word Processing package. The students who created the example below at Kings Norton City Learning Centre also had a digital camera and a dictaphone to include pictures and interviews in their Newsletters. They were given three deadlines through the mission to produce an up-to-date newsletter.

Newsletter 1 or Newsletter 2 or Newsletter 3