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Application Process  

Encourage your students to apply for a role with one of the teams by writing a letter of application for their favourite team. They can read the careers interviews from professional Vulcanologists, Meteorologists, Space Scientists and Hazard Experts to inspire them. The career interviews are in the Careers section in the Students' part of the site but can also be accessed via the links below.

They can also use the CV writer in the Satellites section to create a CV suitable for their desired career. You also can see an example letter of application here. Collecting in all the Applications and CVs before your mission may help you to divide the students into teams and to allocate responsibilities within the teams. Unfortunately, the National Space Centre will not be able to read or respond to applications from students. This is best done by the teacher who is coordinating the mission.

Career Interviews

The interviews below were recorded in Summer 2006 by Sarah Bucknall from The National Space Centre. The interviewees were asked questions relating to their career and the skills and experience that they value in their role.

Each of the interviews can be downloaded as a MP3 pod cast to play back on any MP3 player.

Satellites Volcanoes
  • Rosie Smith - Vulcanologist PhD Student from University College London.
Hurricanes Montserrat
  • Julian Heming - Tropical Prediction Scientist from the MET Office.
  • Phiona Langevine - Evacuee from Montserrat in 1996/7and now a Primary School Teacher in London