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Form a Team

Teamwork is vital to successful missions. Over the years, NASA has had many successful missions, and a few that have failed. In regards to NASA's Mars missions, project manager Tim Flores (Ames Research Center) had this to say, "One fundamental element distinguished successful missions from the failed missions, and that element was teamwork," (ASK Magazine, issue 12).

Mr. Flores also had this to say, "Without a doubt, sound science and technical proficiency are crucial to a project. But an examination of the Mars missions tells us that we can't afford to overlook the relationships between the people doing the work."

To succeed in Operation Montserrat, you must form a team of people who are able to do two things well: 1) work together, and 2) work independently on team tasks. Working together will require listening, contributing to team discussions, sharing thoughts, communicating and attention to details. Working independently will be important because your team will be relying on you for certain tasks which only you will have to do. For instance, one of you must work with numbers while another works on the graph. You will both have to finish on time.

  • On mission day, your maths and communications skills will be put to the test. Practice the maths needed for the mission. Make sure you are familiar with concepts such as cumulative numbers, multiplication, and the use of graphs and tables.
  • Communications skills include the ability to communicate under pressure using both writing and speaking.
  • Managing the crisis requires teamwork, planning, and clear-headed problem-solving abilities, especially in high-pressure, emergency situations.

How to Form a Team

Each member of your team must pick an expertise. What are your choices? For e-Mission: Operation Montserrat your team will need the following experts:

  • Hurricane Experts
  • Volcano Experts
  • Satellite Experts
  • Montserrat Evacuation Experts

1) Introduction to Earth Science. For background information on how Earth system scientists think and work, go to link: Earth System Science and read an interview with Dr. Alex Hymark, a retiree of e-Mission Headquarters.

2) Put Together Your Team. Go to link: Team Building to read an interview with Dr. Edie Alberts, an internationally renowned, team-building consultant.

3) Decide on Your Team's Guidelines. Go to link: Team Rules to read Dr. Alberts' list of team rules. Discuss and select five of Dr. Alberts' team rules to help guide your team.


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