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Application Process

e-Mission Control at the National Space Centre, Leicester requires commitment from Emergency Response Teams, for an upcoming e-Mission, to help the people on the Island of Montserrat in the Caribbean.

The steps that teams go through to complete this will demonstrate a their commitment and skills. e-Mission Control is looking for applicants that show effort, teamwork skills, and creativity.

To do a good job on the Application Process you will need teamwork, so you will need to build some team spirit. To plan and begin thinking about the whole application, read all the steps of the process before beginning.

First Step: Form a Team
Second Step: Resumes / Curriculum Vitae
Third Step: Mission Patch

Application Checklist

  • Emergency Response Team rules.
  • One Curriculum Vitae from each member of the team. A Curriculum Vitae or CV is a description of your education and experience.
  • (Optional) A mission patch, a team motto, theme song or melody.

Thank you for your interest. The citizens of Montserrat await your best efforts.


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