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Ambitions: Write one to two sentences about what you would like to do with your life. Do you have any goals or ambitions?

Favourite Subjects: Write a sentence about your favourite school subjects and why you like them.

Strengths: Using one to two sentences, describe something you know how to do, and have done well on at least one occasion. Any job, task, or hobby you can do or have learned to do qualifies. It may be some work at school or a job at home. It may be an athletic skill you are learning, or your ability to work with a tool. It may be something you have learned how to fix, to cook, part of a hobby, a game you have learned, or something you do well with numbers or with words.

Ideal Job: What might one of your ideal jobs to be? You can choose more than one if you want.

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Preparation: List ways you can prepare over the next fifteen years to get this kind of job.

Education and Training: Thinking ahead to your future career goals, list the type(s) of school qualifications or University degrees, on-the-job qualifications, experience or training you will need.

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