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Your Task

Your Task

Good work on e-Mission: Montserrat. You handled the emergencies very well. We went through some tense moments together. Now, we can use your expert help in creating a plan for local and regional action.

We would like to commission your teams to feedback your ideas, your successes and failures so they can be used to advise other teams in crisis situations.

Post-mission presentation:

Prepare a short presentation about your e-Mission in any format. To make your presentaion you could:

  • Use photos of the mission day,
  • Use video footage to make a documentary or news report,
  • Interview team members using cameras or just sound for radio,
  • Make a newsletter for the school or your parents,
  • Make a poster to show the dangers on the Island,
  • Make a PowerPoint presentation,
  • Hold a press conference for the school,
  • Write an article or a press release for the local newspaper,
  • Record an interview for your local radio station,
  • Design a web page about your e-mission.

When you are creating your post-mission presentation try to think about including the following pieces of information:

  • What did you do well in the mission?
  • What did you find challenging or difficult?
  • What could you have done better?
  • How did you overcome your problems?
  • What will be the short-term effects of the volcano, hurricane and the evacuation?
  • What long-term effects will they have on Montserrat?
  • How might the residents deal with these problems?


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