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For centuries, Montserrat was a small, half-forgotten island in the Caribbean, overshadowed by the more coveted islands of Antigua to the northeast and Guadeloupe to the south. It is only about 13 km long by 8 km wide (about 8 by 5 miles), and it has only one sea port, located at Plymouth, the only town of any size. From the azure seas that surround the island, the lush, fertile terrain quickly rises to a series of peaks of volcanic origin, the highest being Chance's Peak at 930 meters (about 3000 feet). Because of its small size, lack of alternate ports, and hilly terrain, Montserrat never played a leading role in the West Indian sugar industry. But what was once a drawback has now become a tremendous asset. Montserrat remains a peaceful, unspoiled, friendly place. It is poised to become a coveted tourist destination for the adventurous traveller.


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